We Offer the Following Services:

Residential Drop Off Laundry


$1.25 per lb of clothes.

Commercial Drop Off


Local business? We will do your laundry. Pick up washed, dried, and folded. Towels, aprons, bedding, etc. $1.25 per lb of clothes.

Laundry Detergent for Sale


Tide, Ariel, Awesome, Downy, Oxy Clean, Bleach, and many other brands. 

Vending Machines


We offer snacks, drinks, and ice-cream.



This section will contain news and announcements of the laundromat as it is our quest to make the laundromat a better place week to week




Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.


Announcements and Blog Posts


September 2018

  • Prices for drop off laundry are set. 
  • Vending machines restocked
  • No dry cleaning accepted until posted

October 2018

  • All the broken machines are fixed
  • Vending machines restocked
  • More choices of  laundry detergent 

April 2019

  • Renovations complete (see gallery)  

Frequently Asked Questions

Email us or ask in person for more to be posted.

1. Do I have to buy a card every time I come to the laundromat?  No. You only buy a card once and keep it forever. Treat the card as cash.

2. Can I use quarters at this laundromat?

Only 6 washing machines accept quarters. However, in order to dry your clothes, you need to use a card to start the dryers.

3. How much does a card cost?


4. What perks do I get at this laundromat?

Children's play area with books and crayons, vending machines with snacks and ice-cream, ATM on site, free Wi-Fi, laundry detergent and add-ons for sale, plenty of space to fold/relax/read/watch TV/socialize, three TVs, 99cents store, Marketon, and Cici's Pizza buffet right next door in the same strip mall. 

5. How does laundry drop off work?

You bring a basket or a bag of your clothes, we weigh it and name the price on the spot, you pay upfront, and pick up your clothes the next day.

6. Are tips for employees required?

Tips for wash and fold and help around the laundromat are not required, but are highly appreciated. No tips are expected for self-service laundry use.